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Your Journey Starts Here...

When we decided to put our heads, hearts and money together to purchase the 1250 route 31 building (in 2009), we talked in depth about what it would be "about", what its identify would be.

Should it just be Pro-Activity size XL?

No... at least not entirely.

For years we felt something had been missing in our area; a place where people could come together as a vibrant healthy community; where they could share in each others' little victories and nudge one another along in times of defeat; a place where it was not only safe to be, but safe to be yourself; a convening place, where people could plan the next stage of their unique "human journey" and perhaps be inspired enough to take on something really extraordinary..... and it HAD to be a place where there was balance: the community itself was to be the soul, nourished by the operations within.

And after many (many) moons, BaseCamp31 came to life.

To a mountaineer, "base camp" is both the start and end of the journey, a place to plan out the ascent, and get the support to achieve... and that's the idea. Welcome, your journey starts here.

-Mike Eisenhart

Founding Member, 2010

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