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  Find COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments 

BaseCamp31 Service Corps is currently working as a group of volunteers to help local residents secure COVID vaccine appointments. This volunteer effort is intended to help senior citizens in NJ age 55 & up and individuals with disabilities who are experiencing true barriers to vaccine access for various reasons.

To request assistance for yourself or someone else, please fill out the "Vaccine help" form and a volunteer will contact you.


Click here for Vaccine Help Request Form


Individuals who are tech savvy and able to secure their own appointments are asked to leave this service open to individuals in true need of assistance.

A volunteer may reach out to individuals under age 55 to verify eligibility.

While we would love to help all people who are looking for a vaccine, our volunteers are committed to helping those most in need of assistance

If you have questions regarding the Vaccine Assistance initiative or wish to become a Service Corp volunteer, please email us at


Thank a Volunteer ! Share Your Feedback on our FaceBook page.

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